DWJD - Do What Jesus Did
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- Doing what Jesus did is a great adventure, one in which you will be called to
burdendeny yourself (Luke 9:23), yet one in which your burden will be light
   (Matthew 11:30).

- You will be asked to surrender your life as you see it so you can find it as he
    lived it (Matthew 16:25).

- My prayer is that this book will be the catalyst for change, that it will awaken the
   new creation inside you and release the life that God has planned for you all

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What Others Have Said about DWJD

“Just over 100 years ago, Charles Sheldon pricked the conscience of the church as he profoundly raised the question: “What Would Jesus Do?” Now, from the pen of a frontline warrior, comes the practical call to move beyond the question and DO the sayings of Jesus. This is a must read for the 21st century church!” Danny R. Thomas, D.H.L., president, Grace Place Ministries

"It is about knowing Christ Jesus and then allowing His life to be lived out today in the life of every believer. The book is, appropriately, both encouraging and convicting. Encouraging, in the revelation that Jesus is alive and well, actively engaging in ministering His gospel and kingdom on earth today through the lives of saints willing to follow obediently where He leads. And convicting, when we think of how much our personal will and choices limit that life we could experience. I have added Dr. Spillman's book to my required text for all of my Spiritual Formation students.” Dr. Kenneth Dietrich, president, Tacoma Bible College

"I must confess, I was a bit skeptical, simply because I have read a lot of books that were grounded on religion and not Christ. But your heart is Christ filled and the Holy Spirit has revealed life giving truth to you that I completely agree with.

So I want to encourage you as a fellow Christ follower. Your book is awesome! "
"it's a breath of fresh air indeed... encouraging, edifying, and uplifting all at the same time! "
"DWJD is an inspiring book that encourages us to walk out, apply and share our faith every day."
"Great, inspiring motivvating book for anyone desiring to faithfully serve the Lord!"

incredible......its gold.....fire.......revelation.......real.......authentic...........transforming........ amazing

Pastor Brian Brennt, YWAM

In his new book, DWJD: Do What Jesus Did, Rick reminds us that we are not mere spectators on the sidelines of life.  Intellectual examinatination of Jesus' life is no substitue for living the life He modeled and died for us to have.  A true disciple of Christ seeks not only to learn from the Master but to live like the Master.
Brenda Bacon, Tacoma Bible College


Personal Observation about the book and the writing process

While I was writing this book I was focused on phrasing a sentence, the content of a paragraph, the structure of a chapter.  During editing I was focused on discovering mistakes and how I might better express a certain idea.  It was like I was looking through a magnifying glass running across the page and I could only see what was in the glass at any one time.  There is nothing wrong with that.  It’s the way a book is written.  What I never had an opportunity to do is to sit down, relax, and just read it.  All through the process I only planted trees and never stopped to look at the forest I had created.  That is until I had the finished book in my hands.  Finally I could read it from start to finish without thinking about how to make it better.  I could just flow with it.  In the process I discovered two things.  First, I didn’t recognize it.  I knew I had written the words.  I remember coming up with the different ideas and stories.  But still in the whole it was new to me.  That was a strange feeling to say the least.  I am not claiming that that God was the author not me.  But God was the author not me.  Second, I had written the book to encourage people to discover the new creature they had become but as I started to read the finished product a life-long prayer of mine was answered.  I saw Jesus in the words, in the ideas, in his stories in a way I never anticipated while writing it.  I have reread it several times now and will continue to do so because each time I see Jesus.  It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words while that might be true in general it is not true about Jesus.  A thousand of the right words would be far better than any picture of any event in the life of Jesus.  I believe that unknowingly I found some of those words.  I know this may sound self-serving after all I am the author but I am not concerned about selling the book I just want people to see Jesus as I saw him.